Playoff Challenge
January 15 through February 13

Individual Play Flighted Over a 3 Week Stretch
Points Awarded to the Top Finishers of each flight
Finale on Super Bowl Sunday

More Details About How to Play:

Players can play anytime during the week however there are weekly prizes that are awarded on Sundays.
A player can play more than once and reinvest in the prize fund. We will take their best score! and can take their best score.
The finale will be a single-elimination shoot out over 9 holes.

The top 10 players will play for the Big Prize on February 13th!

Scoring Your Plays!

You can score each week leading up to Super Bowl Sunday.
Touchdown – Everyone gets 7 points each week just for playing
Touchdown – In the flights, the winner receives 7 bonus points
Field Goal – 2nd place gets 3 bonus points
Safety – 3rd place gets 2 bonus points
Safety – You are strongly encouraged to wear the logo of your favorite team regardless of whether or not they are in the playoffs and will receive 2 bonus points for doing so


Pay for your round of golf plus $25 for Prize Fund

Rounds played will also count towards our Year Long Tournament!

Please call the Golf Shop to sign up and book your tee time and be sure to indicate that you are playing in the series.

(336) 342-1113

Good luck to all!