Find New Customers with GPS Advertising

  1. Reach 40,000+ golfers annually: customers with expendable income.
  2. Less expensive and more effective than traditional forms of advertising.
  3. With constant screen interaction, youʼre guaranteed to be seen by the right people.

Advertise on our state-of-the-art 10” ultra-bright, high def. touch screens mounted on the center windshield of each of our 72 golf carts.

Types of GPS Advertisement

  1. Panel Ads on the Hole view, Green view and Text view
  2. Can be a JPG/ PNG/ GIF file type
  3. These ads are shown on screen after the golfer’s position ‘clears’ the left portion of the screen (so the golfer’s current location is not covered up by an ad).  At that point, the main distance panel moves to the bottom left and a panel ad is shown in the open space.
  4. Banner Ads
  5. Can be a JPG/ PNG/ GIF file type
  6. On top of the message list, on the bottom of Pro tips and on top of the scorecard
  7. Full-screen Ads/Messages
  8. Triggered based on location on the golf course
  9. For example Hole #1 ad will appear after they drive away from the teeing ground.
  10. JPG / PNG / GIF file types
  11. Videos: under 20 Mb, .mp4, .mpg, .avi, .mov or. Mkv formats. Ideally full-screen resolution (min res 640×400)

To schedule a demo, contact Justin Malone, Operations Manager or (336) 342-1113